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I feel I have been able to hone the art of combining the highest quality of patient care with outstanding knee and shoulder surgical skills. 

My practice is divided into Clinical care, aimed at returning active people to their chosen lifestyle, Research, Education and Community Service.  We see patients from all over the world, from the elite athletes in the NFL, US Ski Team, Major League Baseball, NHL, NBA and the European Soccer League to our local High School athletes.  While the surgical side of my practice focuses on knee and shoulder sports medicine, my focus is to get you back into the game of life.  

Our staff goes the extra mile to prepare you so that you can spend more time with me, rather than waiting for me.  Whether you live locally, or in another country, this allows me to customize a treatment plan that fits the way you want to work, live and play.  The best medicine is practiced when doctor and patient can connect with each other in a meaningful and purposeful way.  

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