Last week I gave a talk to the Beaver Creek Ski Patrol on the prevention of injuries in skiing.  I think there was a lot of really helpful information for all of us.  Some highlights came out that perhaps might be useful:
  1. Highest Risk Skiers
    1. Beginners
    2. No Rest or Hydration for >3 hours
    3. Rental, rather than owned, Skis
    4. No Helmets or Wrist Guards
    5. No history of having taken lessons
    6. Skiing Terrain Above the level of their Ability
    7. Ungroomed Terrain
    8. No snowfall in >24 hours
Some of these we can’t control, so the best advice we can give is to ski at the level of your ability or below, take plenty of water breaks, and never ski longer than 3 hours without a break.
The whole talk that I gave can be viewed under my Research / Presentations link.  I think you’d like it.
  posted: December 16, 2014 - Dr. Bill Sterett - Blog
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