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Dr. Sterett - Thank You

Dr. Sterett is the Head Team Physician for the US Women’s Alpine Ski Team

Medical Director, Vail Valley Surgery Centers
Certificate Added Qualification - Sports Medicine

"I love what I do as an orthopedic surgeon and I take pride in giving my all to my patients.  I believe every patient deserves the best possible outcome from their injury to post surgery recovery.  As one of the few physicians in the country to have done fellowships in both Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Trauma Surgery, I thrive in being the best in this field. I feel I have been able to hone the art of combining the highest quality of patient care with outstanding knee and shoulder surgical skills. I now practice in Vail with Vail Summit Orthopedics.  VSO has been providing World Class Orthopedic care in the Vail Valley for over thirty years." - Dr. Bill Sterett  Click here for questions about scheduling, follow-up, remote consultations, medications, or x-rays.


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